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Mt Begbie Brewing White Knuckle IPA

Mt. Begbie Brewing Brews New White Knuckle Belgian White IPA


Mt Begbie Brewing White Knuckle IPAMt. Begbie Brewing Co. Releases White Knuckle, Belgian White IPA

Mt Begbie Brewing White Knuckle IPAJuly 16, 2016 – Revelstoke, B.C. – On Friday July 15th , Mt. Begbie Brewing Co. bottled White Knuckle Belgian White IPA. Formerly a seasonal draft, this is the first time the beer has been bottled by the company.

White Knuckle Belgian W.I.P.A. (White India Pale Ale) is a hybrid ale combining Belgian wheat beer and American IPA. WIPA’s are a relatively new style of beer and are quickly becoming popular for BC brewers.

The Belgian yeast and wheat give the beer a familiar WIT beer aroma and flavour, combined with the dank North West hops which introduce the familiar IPA flavours and aromas. The blend is well balanced with multiple layers of flavour due to the addition of coriander, chamomile, lemon and orange peel.

40 IBU
5.6% ABV
Sold in a 650mL bottle.

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