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Moon Under Water Goldamsel Sour Weissbier

Moon Under Water Releases Goldamsel Sour German Weiss Bier

 Moon Under Water Goldamsel Sour WeissbierMoon Under Water Releases Goldamsel Sour German Weiss Bier

The second of Moon Under Water Brewery’s (very) limited edition 500ml sour beers is soon to arrive. This time around it is called the Goldamsel and  is a sour German weiss bier that has been aged in American oak with peach and apricot additions. Golden in colour with a rich aroma of stonefruit, this beer is strongly acidic while still remaining light and refreshing.

The Goldamsel is extremely limited in quantity with the majority of all bottles being sold from the brewing in Victoria BC. There is rumour that a few cases may make it to Vancouver so keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks.

The Goldamsel weighs in at 4.5%ABV and 0 IBUs (yes, zero) and is sold in 500ml bottles that will retail for approximately $12.

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