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Moon Under Water Hip As Funk

Moon Under Water Pushes Back With Hip As Funk Farmhouse IPA


VICTORIA, BC – March 8, 2015 – Nothing sells beer like sex. You create a few suggestive ads, place a full-bosomed girl on your new beer’s label, most likely copied from a 1950’s style pin-up girl in a suggestive pose, and sit back while you sell lots of product to 50% of your potential market.

It’s no secret to Victorians that the craft beer market is under another phase of explosive growth. With this growth, many brewers across North America are recognizing the female half of their market. But in an industry that’s still entirely dominated by male Brew Masters and owners, they are falling short of the mark. A pink label on the bottle that resembles something from a vineyard – complete with added fruit, or the ever insulting low-calorie/low-alcohol beer still seem to be common fair.

Moon Under Water Hip As Funk

The Moon Under Water Brewpub see things differently. With a 50% female ownership, they are more accurate representation of today’s beer drinkers, and more importantly, beer purchasers.

On March 8th, no coincidence that it it also International Women’s Day, the Moon will release a new beer simply titled Hip As Funk – a farmhouse IPA with tropical hops. Although fruity flavours are sometimes associated with this style, it is not intended to be a women’s beer. It’s something for everyone to enjoy, but with the branding showing women can represented on a beer in a non-offensive manner. Chelsea Walker, co-owner of the Moon Under Water, has teamed up with Vancouver Graphic Designer Bjauna Sorensen to create the design.

Along with the design, the label and marketing of the Hip as Funk will be void of any “mansplaining”, also common place the beer industry.

“Mansplaining is the use of over condescending language or over simplifying something when explaining it a women.” says Chelsea, “Female craft beer drinkers know what they like and unapologetically drink it.”

Hip as Funk will be available on tap at the Moon Under Water, and in private liquor stores across Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland after March 8th.


About The Moon Under Water Brewpub

The Moon Under Water is a 50% women owned brewpub. Beers created and brewed in-house are a mixture of traditional German with a West-Coast flair, and can be found on tap and on shelves across BC. Their unique pub, complete with a penny floor, offers fresh ingredients and plenty of guest beers on tap alongside their own. –


About Bjauna Sorensen

As owner & Director of Sorensen Parker Creative (SPC), based out of Langley, SPC is focused on creating design solutions that works best for all types & sizes of businesses. Whether it’s something as small as business cards or conceptual design from the ground up, each project is as important as the other. SPC’s goal is to empower clients by using design that speaks and engages their audience. –

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