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CLV & Hops Connect Lab Testing

Hop Testing Now Available from CLV & Hops Connect

CLV & Hops Connect Lab TestingCLV & Hops Connect Partner in Offering 3rd Party Hop Testing for Canadian Breweries and Hop Growers

For Immediate Release

North Vancouver, June 29, 2016. Commodity Lab Vancouver (CLV) and Hops Connect partner in offering hop testing for hop growers and breweries from CLV’s laboratory facility in North Vancouver.

It is with great excitement that CLV and Hops Connect partner to offer a unique service to Canadian breweries and hop growers. CLV is able to offer testing of hops for α acid,  β acid, Hops Storage Index (HSI), total oil and moisture content.

This partnership allows Hops Connect to ensure that breweries are using the highest quality hops and creates a venue for hop growers to prove the quality of their harvests. In taking on this project the Hops Connect team chose CLV as their lab partner to use an established, reputable organization that could remain as a 3rd party to avoid any conflict of interest with their hop distribution.

CEO of Hops Connect Jon O’Connor comments, “With food safety and quality control, we want to ensure brewers are using on spec hops that can be tested post harvest. Partnering with CLV can improve quality control, storability and specifications of hops sold to Canadian brewers. Hops Connect partnering  with CLV has been in the works for nearly a year and it is exciting to see the project officially running.”

Managing Director  of CLV adds“We do our utmost to achieve the quality level our clients are seeking. We use top-grade equipment and standardized tests to provide accurate, consistent and replicable measurements of hops. We are able to determine the key attributes of each variety and have results available within 72hrs.”

Timely and affordable hop testing in Canadian dollars has not been available in British Columbia to date. With CLV’s laboratory facilities, breweries now have a service where they can ensure that they are purchasing on-spec product and monitor the quality of that product over time during storage.

The hop tests available from CLV are: Alpha acids, Beta acids, Total oils, HSI and Moisture. A certificate of analysis is obtained from the lab and can enhance trade, inventory management and quality control.

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