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Dead Frog Obsidian Dagger Black IPA

Dead Frog Releases the Obsidian Dagger IPA Noire

Dead Frog Obsidian Dagger Black IPA

Dead Frog Releases the Obsidian Dagger IPA Noire

For Immediate Release:
March 26, 2014, Aldergrove BC – Experience the dark side of the frog with our new IPA Noire, The Obsidian Dagger. A 6.5% CDA, it showcases a lurid plot of dark malts enveloped in existential bitterness with a sweet smell of success. The chiaroscuro of hop and malt offer flashbacks of The Fearless and The Classic for a double indemnity that will kiss you deadly.

Our current feature presentation is now in government and select private liquor stores for a limited time run. No shadow of a doubt, The Obsidian Dagger will leave you anything but ambivalent.


Sparks fly when bold & beautiful tropical hops meet a brazen & daring roasted malt base. Their chemistry is undeniable and perfectly balances the hop flavours and aromas of a powerhouse IPA with the depth and intricacy of a complex dark ale.
The creator of the Fearless IPA and Commander Imperial Stout pulls no punches with his newest masterpiece. He’s brought your taste buds to their knees with monstrous Imperial IPAs and made them sing with cavernously deep Imperial Brown Ales. Now he brings you his greatest triumph!

Tony’s Inspiration:

Cascadian Dark Ales are highly-hopped, medium-bodied dark ales that incorporate signature Northwest hop varieties whose bitterness is balanced with dark malts for the colour and flavour of a porter or stout but with the body of an IPA. What came to mind when I was thinking about the flavour profile I wanted to achieve for our CDA was grapefruit dipped in chocolate.

To build a large malt base with enough flavour to offset a significant amount of hops, I used roasted barley, Chocolate, and Carafa II malts. We then added a similar hop bill as The Fearless IPA, but tweaked it for balance. To get greater hop aroma and flavour with a minimal amount of additional bitterness, I used hop bursting for the late additions in the brew kettle. A massive amount of Centennial and Galaxy was then used for dry-hopping.


Ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, yeast
Malts: Pale Ale, Cara 60, Biscuit, Chocolate, Carafa II, Special B, Roast Barley
Hops: Centennial, Columbus, Galaxy
IBU: 50
ABV: 6.5%
Serving temperature: 12-14°C
Recommended glass: IPA, North American pint
Food pairing: Brie de Meaux, turkey enchiladas with mole negro, BBQ beef ribs with pomelo slaw, passion fruit curd in dark chocolate cups

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