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Dead Frog Furious Friar Belgian IPA

Dead Frog Releases the Furious Friar Belgian IPA – A new face for a past favourite!

Dead Frog Furious Friar Belgian IPA

Dead Frog Brewery releases the former Valiant Belgian IPA under a new name, The Furious Friar Belgian IPA

Originally released last year as Valiant, our Belgian IPA returns to liquor store shelves this week as the Furious Friar. It’s a synthesis of phenolic Old World Tripels and the contemporary West Coast passion for aggressive hop character. The result is a hammer in a velvet glove that will launch from the corner quietly, then build in intensity to dominate ring.


Fighting out of Cascadia by way of Belgium, this golden knockout artist specializes in a deadly combination of West Coast hops and traditional Belgian spices. Known for an intense tropical fruit and phenol aroma that is followed up by perfectly balanced flavours of citrus, coriander, clove, and spice.

Tony’s Inspiration

One afternoon, I was enjoying a Chouffe Houblon and remembering my time in Montreal working at a brewery where we produced some Chouffe beer for North America. The flavours of the yeast esters and phenols were so complex and intriguing; what if they played out against a more aggressively-hopped background? So, inspired by my Belgian beer making background and my passion for Northwest-style hyper-hopped brews; I bring you a Belgian IPA with a delicate ester/phenol profile and a 2 lb/hl Centennial hop punch.

Critical Acclaim

“On looks alone, [Furious Friar] is a model of the style: A beautiful, clouded, sun-shining apricot-gold colour, capped off with two centimeters of effervescent foam that fades to a steady cap.”

—Jan Zeschky, The Province

“An interesting and ultimately enjoyable version of the style, in that it shows how things are still evolving, which isn’t all that surprising when one tries to merge two distinct styles – the tilt of the balance will heavily inform the result. Here, Dead Frog has opted to go big or go home, shoring up both legs of the family tree, achieving a heightened, level aerie, with only some piddling mutant stragglers milling about. Good stuff, and more than worthy of a try.”

—biboergosum, Beer Advocate

o Ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, yeast, wheat, invert sugar
o Malts: 2-Row, Cara 8, White Wheat
o Hops: Columbus, Centennial
o IBU: 55
o ABV: 9%
o Suggested serving temperature: 4-7°C
o Recommended glass: tulip
o Suggested food pairing: lamb tagine with apricots, apricot chicken curry, cheddar, Sacher Torte

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