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Crannog - Spawning Sockeye Ale

Crannog Ales’ Sockeye Wild Hop Ale Returns For Another Year

Crannog Ales Releases Their Spawning Sockey American Amber Ale

Crannog - Spawning Sockeye Ale

With the hops harvest barely finished and the Sockeye salmon running in Adams River, it’s time for the Sockeye Ale. Made with Left Fields’ own indigenous wild hops (named Sockeye), this American Amber has a solid malt complexity and bitterness with a beautiful spicy aroma. Sockeye is a bountiful hop with plenty of lupulin and moderately high alpha, but what makes it really special is the aroma, and the Sockeye Ale displays it to perfection. Available on tap all over the province throughout November, and in growlers direct from the brewery.

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