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Category 12 Barrel Holder Golden Ale Header

Category 12 Brewing Releases Barrelholder Belgian Golden Strong Ale

Category 12 Barrel Holder Golden Ale Header

Category 12 Barrel Holder Golden AleC12 Introduces Their First Barrelholder Release!


Victoria, British Columbia – July 5th, 2016 – Yes, it’s that time!! Our eagerly awaited first Barrelholder beer release is so close you can almost taste it… remember our Indiegogo-fueled campaign back last September?

Well, our first release from this campaign is ready to roll out. Our loyal Barrelholders have already had their chance to reserve bottles from us, and the rest is releasing in the taproom and marketplace starting July 5th. There will be no draught or growlers of this special release, so get those bottles while you can!

The Beer:

Our limited release Belgian Golden Strong Ale is crafted to be bright and crisp with a medium body. Lightly fruity and spicy, the ageing in red wine oak barrels has imparted delicate toasted oak and caramel notes. Combined with sweet vanilla overtones and a deceptive 10.6% ABV, the barrel process has added depth and complexity to an already delicious beer.


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