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Cannery Brewing Launches New Baltic Porter in BC and Alberta!

balticporterFebruary 13, 2014

Penticton, BC.  Nothing warms up the cold winter better than a warm and toasty dark beer, especially when that beer is the new Baltic Porter from Cannery Brewing.

Baltic Porters, which originated in the 18th century, were first brewed in Estonia and other Eastern European and Scandinavian countries. Cannery Brewing’s Baltic Porter is brewed in the classic Baltic Porter style with traditional German malts and noble hops. Ross Thompson, lead brewer at Cannery Brewing explains, “Like most Baltic Porters that are typically strong and sweet, our Baltic Porter is a dark lager that has a sweet roasted flavour combined with a spark of dark fruit to embrace the warmth of the alcohol.  It has a rich, velvet smoothness that blasts through to the finish. At 8% alc./vol., this strong beer will definitely warm you up!”

Just as the beer style originated from Estonia, so did the image used on Cannery’s new Baltic Porter label. Thompson continued, “As we were doing our research on this beer style, we came across a photograph of the Kiek in de Kök cannon tower in Tallinn, Estonia. We all instantly loved the photograph and the name of the tower, and the concept grew quickly from there. We reached out to Kaarel Mikkin, the Estonian photographer who took the photograph, to see if we could use his artistic image on our beer label. Not only was Kaarel thrilled to let us use the photograph, it turns out he and his brother Dan have a design agency called Brand Manual, based in Tallinn, and they agreed to work with us on the design of this new label. We are absolutely delighted with the look that they have created.”

The Baltic Porter label makes a drastic departure from Cannery Brewing’s typical label design. Patt Dyck, owner of Cannery Brewing explains, “The Baltic Porter is the first in a new line-up we are calling our Artisan Creations.  Inspired by pieces of artwork, this line-up will feature specialty ales and lagers, that complement our regular and seasonal line-up.  Our brewing team will use premium malts, unique hops and yeast strains and perhaps even a different brewing process when crafting these beer.  The labels in our new Artisan Creations line-up will be artistic creations that match the artistry of these beers.

Cannery Brewing’s Baltic Porter is a single batch release that will be available at private liquor stores and restaurants throughout BC and at some private liquor stores in Alberta, until it is gone. For a list of private liquor stores carrying the Baltic Porter, see


  1. Vaughn
    Vaughn 17 February, 2014, 23:34

    I had the priv of sampling this pre release. Absolutely smooth, bold, earthy, It is classically black, lightly creamy, and has subtle notes of fruit as Ross suggested.
    Great start to the Artisan Series. Looking forward to more….

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