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Andina Brewing Company Owners and Brewer

Andina Brewing Co. Hires Head Brewer

Andina Brewing Co. brings Andrew Powers on board as Head Brewer

Andina Brewing Company LogoYes indeed! Here at Andina Brewing Co. we are extremely elated, pleased, excited, delighted, thrilled, and proud to announce the hiring of our talented New Head Brewer, Andrew Powers, and truly… We are So Happy to Start Brewing Awesome Beer!

Vancouver, B.C. – Some of you have been curious about who is going to work at Andina Brewing Co. as our new Head Brewer. Others well connected to the grapevine–maybe we should say hopvine–already know; our talented Andrew Powers has been working as a brewer at Red Truck Beer Company, in Vancouver BC, for the last two years. Before coming to BC, Andrew worked in his hometown of Fredericton, New Brunswick at Picaroons Brewery and in Halifax, Nova Scotia at Garrison Brewing Company.

Andrew’s passion for making beer didn’t start until he was halfway through his undergrad studies. His dream was originally to become a doctor, but after five years of working at a hospital full time, he decided that it was not the sort of lifestyle he wanted for himself. As he explained, “It made me realize that I always wanted to be committed to something that I really enjoyed, and I have been brewing ever since”.

When asked what, in his opinion, is the best way to become a good brewer, Andrew commented, “You have to start out at a small brewery, work your way up and then get a formal education. The experience and knowledge acquired would be priceless.” And that is exactly what he did. While getting hands-on experience, grasping all the various operational aspects of brewing through his work, Andrew decided it was time to to go back to school. In 2014, he enrolled in Siebel’s The World Brewing Academy, where he got his International
Brewing Diploma.

Andrés Amaya, co-owner and CEO of Andina Brewing Co., in charge of the front of the house operations including Human Resources, explained how impressed he was with Andrew Powers: “He was the only interviewee that arrived with beer samples to taste–they were good beers. He is determined on not sacrificing quality versus sales and I admire his honesty and eagerness to deliver an excellent product.”

Corroborating his brother’s perception, Nicolás Amaya, co-owner and COO of Andina Brewing Co., in charge of the back of the house (Production & Operations) commented, ”We decided to hire Andrew Powers among many other candidates because he not only has the experience that we are looking for, but also the enthusiasm and professionalism to take Andina ahead of the pack. He has shown that he is very keen and methodical, always wanting to improve the craft. His dedication to the highest brewing methods, his attention to detail and his cleanliness standards make him an ideal Head Brewer for us. We are looking forward to trying all the awesome beers he is going to make for Andina Brewing Company. ¡Salud!”

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