Ile Sauvage Brewing Co.

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Ile Sauvage Brewing Co- Tasty Hoppy Brown Ale

Tasty is a tribute to Mike “Tasty” McDole, a famous homebrewer ( a household name in the California homebrew community)who recently passed away in October of 2020. In a recent  Continue Reading…

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Vancouver Island Brewing and Ile Sauvage Brewing Collab- Mystic Dry-Hopped Sour

The number of Southern Resident Killer Whales is at a 30 year low with only 73 alive on the planet today. One serious threat to their continued survival, beyond chemical  Continue Reading…

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Ile Sauvage Brewing Co.- Cerise Sour Red

With much anticipation and more than a few delayed openings, Victoria’s newest craft brewery is finally pouring beers. Following the recent trend of new craft breweries having a specific focus,  Continue Reading…

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