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Triple IPA

Strathcona – Head Banger Triple IPA

What better way to celebrate a second anniversary but with a Triple IPA, and that is exactly what Strathcona Brewing Company of East Vancouver decided to do! On November15th Strathcona  Continue Reading…

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Riot Brewing – Family Reunion Brut IPA

The Family Reunion Brut IPA is a collaboration with one of Edmonton’s newer breweries “Blind Enthusiam”. Why Blind Enthusiam? and why is this beer named Family Reunion? Well, let me  Continue Reading…

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Parallel 49 Trifecta HopfenWeisse

A West Coast Hef? It’s not a Hefeweizen. It’s not an IPA. But it’s definitely highly drinkable. Parallel 49 brings you the Trifecta, named as a reference to the trio  Continue Reading…

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Milk Stout Stout

Andina Brewing Co. – Milk Stout

Andina Brewing entered the BC brewing scene in 2017 and has since added some South American flair to the industry with their antics. As a winter seasonal offering, the Andina  Continue Reading…

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Blonde Ale

Powell Brewery Staycation DDH Blonde Ale

Powell Brewery has released another batch of the double dry hopped blonde ale called Staycation. Previously using Lemondrop hops and lupulin powder, this time around they have chosen to showcase Galaxy hops.  Continue Reading…

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Fresh Hop

Yellow Dog Brewing – Alpha Dog Fresh Hop Pale 2018

The Alpha Dog Fresh Hop pale ale was first released in 2015. The Yellow Dog team went down that year to the Yakima Valley hop farms in Washington State to  Continue Reading…

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Brut IPA India Pale Ale

Field House Brewing – Pinot Noir Brut IPA

Field House Brewing has looked to the wine industry for inspiration in two ways for this limited release brew. First, this is a Brut beer which can mean a few  Continue Reading…

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Grapefruit IPA IPA

4 Mile Brewing – Grapefruit IPA

4 Mile Brewing Co. is the packaging brewery located alongside the very respectable Four Mile House brewpub on the highway west of Victoria. Here we consider their Grapefruit IPA. Apparent successor  Continue Reading…

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Barrel Aged Fruit Beer Sour Ale

Yellow Dog Brewery – Blended Reality Sour White Ale w/ Peaches

Port Moody’s Yellow Dog Brewery has let their brewer off the leash in creating the Blended Reality. This barrel aged beer is a sour white ale that has bee aged  Continue Reading…

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Coffee Coffee Lager Lager

Lighthouse – Nightwatch Coffee Lager

Before you even taste this beer, you’ll smell it. Looking for a beer with a subtle hint of java in the aroma? Um, no. All your olfactory glands are belong  Continue Reading…

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Double IPA IPA

Moody Ales – Boss Juice Hazy Double IPA

Boss Juice is a strong IPA that bridges the gap between “Old School” and “New School” traditions. It satisfies the hophead and the juicy IPA fan alike. It’s unfiltered, but  Continue Reading…

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Parallel 49 Brewing: Trash Panda IPA

A nice take on the NE style IPA. Not as fruity as some NE IPAs but it’s well balanced and very approachable. 5.5% and sold in 355ml cans. Being a  Continue Reading…

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