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Ace Brewing Company- Jet Fuel IPA

Late in 2019, the Landot family’s dream of opening a brewery became a reality with the Ace Brewing Company. Situated in the Vancouver Island town of Courtenay, Ace showcases Canadian  Continue Reading…

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Dog Mountain Brewing- All Together IPA

Can’t wait to have a beer on a patio this summer? Also, itching to hit the road for a beer-centric road trip? Well, join the club. While we all wait  Continue Reading…

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Gibsons Tapworks Inc.- Goggle Fog Hazy Pale Ale

Looking for the perfect little squeeze to take up the mountain? Might you consider Tapworks Goggle Fog? This beer has solid quaffability with the perfect amount of character to keep  Continue Reading…

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Persephone Brewing Co.- Red Table Saison

One of the many great things about brewery taprooms is the taproom exclusive. Good breweries learn to use taprooms like an informal focus group. Regulars will know that making a  Continue Reading…

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Coast Mountain Brewing- Crystal Chair Pilsner

One of the lesser talked about corners of beer is gluten. Outside of fad dieters, more people are finding gluten negatively affects them. While Celiac sufferers will have to go  Continue Reading…

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Trench Brewing- Six Mile Stout

If you travel north from the Canada-US border on Highway 97 you will experience drastic changes in geography, climate and culture. Long after you have left the mild climate of  Continue Reading…

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Events & Festivals

Victoria Comes Alive for Beer Week

The Victoria Beer Society is back with the 7th annual Victoria Beer Week. This year’s list of expanded events are more diverse than ever, with something for absolutely everyone.

Longwood Brewery- BBA Triple Stout

Sometimes beer is easy, approachable and friendly. Then again, like music, beer can also be like a wave wrecked beach under a darkened sky, the perfect accompaniment to a soul  Continue Reading…

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Cumberland Brewing Co.- Porter

Five years in, Cumberland Brewing Co. is still going strong with a loyal local following. Fans know that, rain or shine, sun or sleet, there is always a friendly conversation  Continue Reading…

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Howl Brewing- Winter Bock

In between the milkshake IPA’s and the pastry stouts that litter the BC beer shelves an authentic tasting bock style beer is sometimes hard to come by. North Saanich’s pico  Continue Reading…

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