A House Is Not A Home Without A Beer Fridge – The NewAir 126-Can Beverage Cooler

A House Is Not A Home Without A Beer Fridge – The NewAir 126-Can Beverage Cooler


  • Pros:

    Adjustable, stylish and quiet. A great fridge for the craft beer connoisseur.

  • Cons:

    Slight size issues

  • Conclusion:

    A functional and adaptable beer fridge that works well for craft beer.


Testing the NewAir 126-Can Beverage Cooler AB-1200B For Craft Beer Compliance

2018-02-BMBC-8724 There are fridges, and then there are beer fridges. There is something about having your beer separated from milk, cheese and other inferior products that makes one feel that their life has graduated to something better. A fridge specifically purchased for beer is a life defining moment that is hard to go back on. For such a life-defining moment it is best to ensure that the right fridge is chosen.

Beer fridges come in all shapes and sizes and cost from as little as $100 up to $Thousands. For most, there is somewhere in between that can meet style, function and expense. For the craft beer consumer that middle ground may just land on the NewAir AB-1200B 126-Can Beverage Cooler. While NewAir may not have the awareness of a Kitchenaid or Frigidaire, they have made great strides into the compact fridge market in recent years and offer a wide range of products that have gained a strong following. Based on previous similar models the NewAir 126-Can Beverage Cooler is an evolution of needs in adjustability, space management and cost.

After testing out this fridge and how it copes with the needs of a craft beer drinker, here are our two (or perhaps more) cents on the matter.


The NewAir 126-Can Beverage Cooler comes with five adjustable shelves.  With each shelf strategically placed, the fridge gets its 126 can capacity. The capacity is based on standard 355ml cans. In testing the fridge we did not confirm this capacity but we’ll take NewAir’s word for it. If you are drinking anything but macro beer there is a good chance that you have more in your fridge than a 355ml/12oz can. In this case, you can move around the shelves to your liking.

2018-02-BMBC-8727In testing the fridge we had a combination of around 24 standard cans, 24 tall cans and a half dozen or so bottles that we fit into the fridge. For such a scenario we removed two shelves to give more height to the levels. Cans can be placed in several manners, and the shelves can be reversed to stop horizontal cans from rolling off the front of the shelf. Bomber style bottles fit easily on the floor level of the fridge vertically but can be put on their side to store a greater quantity.

The adaptability of this fridge is quite good. The five shelves have 15 different heights that they can be placed at giving a versitile range of bottles and cans that can be fit. The 126 can capacity will not likely be used but with mixed formats it is quite easy to fit 60+ beers into the fridge.

Temperature Control

The temperature is controlled inside the fridge on the roof where a dial can range from 0 to 7. Placed at 4-5 gives a beer that is at a pleasant range of around 5 degrees centigrade. This can be adjusted either way depending on your preference and the beer styles that you are targeting. The temperature range stated by NewAir is 34 – 64 F or 1-18 C. While not confirmed, this range seems in line with observed temperatures.

2018-02-BMBC-8744Locking mechanism

There is a key locking mechanism on the fridge door to keep children and pesky roommates out of the fridge. The locking mechanism is rudimentary but effective in its simplicity. The “key” is actually a fairly standard Allen key and the locking mechanism can be unbolted from the bottom of the fridge. This can be seen as a flaw or a feature depending on your frame of view. The lock will easily keep children from accessing the contents but if you lose your keys, you won’t be locked out forever. On the other hand, a clever teenager could pretty easily break into the fridge.


The hum that comes from this fridge is noticeable but not overly loud. The claimed noise level is 35dB which is below the standard of around 40dB. In more understandable terms, the fridge is loud enough to hear but not loud enough to bother you. It comes on in spurts where the fan is more noticeable than at other times and has a quite bubbling/gurgling sound that goes along with the intermittent cooling.

Other Features

Other notable features that set this fridge apart from other comparable models are the elegant glass door which is crisp, easy to clean and gives a level of class to the fridge. Also, there is a manual light in the fridge that can be turned on from inside to illuminate the contents from the center of the fridge ceiling. The door can also be reversed in order to have the door open from the left or right, depending on your fridge placement.


2018-02-BMBC-8732There are no major issues that come to mind but there are a few little things that make the fridge less than perfect. For one, the feet on the fridge are small and plastic and are easily broken. If this happens it doesn’t affect the functionality but is a little frustrating. In shipping this fridge one of the screw-on feet was broken but removing the other foot still allowed the fridge to work without any real disadvantages.

The second issue is more of a lost opportunity. While the fridge is a nice size and looks great there are two size issues. The first is that the fridge easily fits five 355ml cans side by side. If the fridge was a mere 5mm wider though, a 6th can could be fit. This slight under-sizing seems like a design miss but likely also prevents over-packing the fridge. On a similar note, the cooling element runs sloping backwards along the inside top of the fridge. While a can can easily fit upright at the front of the fridge, as the element slopes downward, at the back of the fridge it will no longer fit.

These are small issues that would likely not be an issue for most but came as a slight miss in the overall functionality of the unit.


In a nutshell the NewAir 126-Can Beverage Cooler is a strong contender for a craft beer enthusiasts beer fridge. It is adjustable enough to fit the broad range of packaging sizes available. From 355ml cans, up to growlers, you can easily adapt the fridge shelves on the fly to fit your needs. In addition the fridge is relatively quiet, looks great and has some nice features suck as a locking mechanism and interior light. There are both cheaper and more expensive options on the market but this cooler fits well as being a full functioned, well sized bar fridge that doesn’t break the bank.

If you are interested in purchasing the NewAir 126-Can Beverage Cooler you can do so from newair.com. Use the promo code BEERMEBC and receive 20% off! Depending on your location and shipping fees, you can also purchase through amazon.ca but you won’t save the 20%.


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