The Art Of Craft - Doans

The Art Of Craft Video Series Ep. 1 – It Begins

The Art Of Craft - Doans

Following The Explosion of Craft Beer with The Art Of Craft

Iconochasm Media has been quietly documenting the revolution of craft beer. Through the magic of video they have documented the amazing journey of craft beer through interviews, brewery visits and a few pints along the way. In the first of the “Art of Craft” video series you can visit Doan’s Craft Brewery, chat with Thirsty Writer, Joe Wiebe and hear CBC’s Rebecca Whyman’s take on the matter.

One thing is for sure, this first episode will get you hooked for number 2 to be released soon.

There’s something changing in British Columbia. At the foot of the Coast and Cascade mountains are a people whose work built a province, and with it, the sprawling city of Vancouver. Where it’s business and pleasure as usual. Or is it? If you haven’t noticed, there’s been an added uprising of festive celebrations. Why? Beer.


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