Howe Sound Brewing Releases Kalamansi Citrus Blonde Ale

Howe Sound’s Kalamansi Citrus Blonde Ale New Release

Howe Sound Kalamansi Citrus Blonde AleSquamish, BC. Kalamansi Citrus Blonde Ale is a bright, refreshing, flavourful Blonde ale crafted with natural Kalamansi fruit. Kalamansi or Panama orange has a unique flavor profile and has rarely been used in brewing. This new ale is a delightful summer quencher with a mandarin orange aroma and a pleasant citrus flavour. A delicious patio beer, perfect for your active summer lifestyle and the lazy, hot days of summer.

Simon Jongsma, HSB brewer notes, “the most unique quality is the kalamansi fruit. It has a strong citrus, mandarin orange and lime flavour which adds to the unusual aroma and complex flavour profile for this unique ale.”

Kalamansi Citrus Blonde Ale will be released today and will be available in LRS stores throughout local Vancouver and BC.

Beer Stats:

ABV: 4.5%

IBU: 25

STYLE: Blonde Ale

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