Craft Beer Hop Profile – Saphir Hops

Craft Beer Hop Profile – Saphir Hops

Craft Beer Hop Profile – Saphir Hops

Saphir Hop ProfileThe Saphir Hop is a German variety that was bred at the Hops Research Institute in Hull Germany and was released to market in 2002.  What makes the Saphir hop truly unique is the extremly low co-humulone and alpha acid content. Typical alpha acid levels are between 2%-4.5% which is one of the lowest available.

Similar hops include the Hallertauer and Mittlefrueh hops which are not extremely common in British Columbia brewed beers but offer a distinct flavour profile that is associated with German style beers. The characteristics of Saphir hops give a citrus, tangerine like aroma. Because of the low alpha acid content the Saphir hop is used as an aroma hop as it is not an effective bittering ingredient.

The Saphir hop is often used in beers such as Belgian Strong Ales, Doppelbocks, California Commons and German Lagers.

BC Brewed Beers with Saphir Hops:
Steamworks Brewing Pilsner

Hop Specs:
Alpha Acid: 2 – 4.5%

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Saphir Hop ProfileSaphir Hop Profile Saphir Hop Profile Saphir Hop Profile


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