R&B Brewing Launches Roggenbier – First of The Mount Pleasant Series

R&B Brewing Comapny Launches A New Line Of Beers – “The Mount Pleasant Series”
R&B Roggenbier Rye Ale

R&B is creating a new series! We’ve named it “The Mount Pleasant series” after the historical and modern day significance in Vancouver’s brewing scene and the diverse neighbourhood  that we have been apart of for the last 18 years.

It will be a rotational program of limited releases offering a variety of new and interesting flavours throughout the year.

The first of the series is a “Roggenbier”-a modern recreation of a historical and traditional German rye beer brewed in the period before the Reinheitsgebot. The addition of rye imparts a spicy character to this deep copper coloured beer, while fermentation using a traditional german weissbier yeast in our unique horizontal tanks, promotes an aroma of earth, spicy clove and  banana.

A limited release, available the first week of  September, available in 20 and 50L kegs as well as  650 ml bottles.

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