Craft Beer Hop Profile – Sterling Hops

Craft Beer Hop Profile – Sterling Hops

Sterling Hop Profile Craft Beer Hop Profile – Sterling Hops

The Sterling Hop was developed in the United States starting in 1990 and first released in 1998. The Stirling Hop is primarily a combination of Saaz, Cascade and Brewers Gold hops. The Sterling Hop typically has an Alpha Acid content between 4.5% and 9%. Most similar to Saaz hops, Sterling has a similar, delicate bitterness that adds depth and smoothness to a beer’s hop bitterness with a spicy and citrus flavoured kick.

The Sterling Hop is much less susceptible to disease than its cousin the Saaz hop which makes it an ideal alternative. The moderate Alpha Acid content in this hop makes it a good bittering and aroma hop. With the spicy, delicate bittering tendencies of the Sterling hop it is often used in Belgian style beers, Czech style Pilsners and American Ales.

BC Brewed Beers with Sterling Hops:

Red Truck Three On The Tree Belgian Tripel
Parallel 49 Pound Sterling Fresh Hopped Pilsner
Steamworks Brewing Blitzen Belgian Tripel

Hop Specs:
Alpha Acid: 4.5% – 9%

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Sterling Hop Profile Sterling Hop Profile Sterling Hop Profile Sterling Hop Profile

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