Craft Beer Hop Profile – Chinook Hops

Craft Beer Hop Profile – Chinook Hops

Chinook Hops Profile Craft Beer Hop Profile – Chinook Hops

The Chinook Hop is a distinct, medium intensity northwestern style hop derived from Petham Golding and a high alpha USDA male hop in Washington State. First released in 1985 the chinook has gained popularity in recent years from its pine and grapefruit characteristics. Brewed with as a dual purpose hop the Chinook hop is popular with brewers in making pale ales, IPAs and anything else that requires a flavourful northwest style hop kick.

The flavour of the Chinook hop is distinctly west coast but the hop is often substituted with Columbus, Northern Brewer, Nugget or a variety of similarly flavoured hops. The diversity of the Chinook hop and the fact that it can be used as a bittering or aroma hop make it an ideal hop for BC favourite beers with a big and piney hop kick.

BC Brewed Beers with Chinook Hops:

Fernie Hot Saw India Brown Ale
Parallel 49 Filthy Dirty IPA
Canuck Empire Coast Trail Pale Ale

Hop Specs:
Alpha Acid: 11%-14.0

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Chinook Hops Profile Chinook Hops ProfileChinook Hops Profile Chinook Hops Profile

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