Craft Beer Hop Profile: Cascade Hops

Craft Beer Hop Profile: Cascade Hops

Cascade Hops ProfileHop Profile – Cascade Hops

The Cascade Hop is a BC craft beer lover’s bread and butter. Originally released in the USA in 1972 this northwest style hop was developed at Oregon State University. This hop represents the origin of northwest-style  flavour as it hosts the delicious piney, citrus flavour which is loved so greatly. In this light, Cascade hops are primarily used for flavour and aroma but they do have some bittering capability in the brewing process. Popular in Pale Ale India, Pale Ale and hopped Lager styles, the Cascade is one of the most prevalent hops used in BC breweries.

BC beer owes a great debt to the Cascade hop. This is a longstanding staple for BC breweries and while hop varieties may not be well known outside of the brewing industry, the word Cascade has grown to mean many things for beer drinkers. Its flavour and aroma are iconic of the beer we love and Cascade is a hop that every brewer big or small holds close to their kettles.

Have you tasted or brewed with Cascade hops? Tell us about your impressions in the comments below!

Hop Specs Alpha Acid: 9.6%%

BC Brewed Beers:
Sky Pilot Northwest Pale Ale – Howe Sound Brewing Co.
Green Reaper Fresh Hop IPA – Phillips Brewing Co.
Big Stump Spruce Golden Ale – Dead Frog Brewing Co.

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Cascade Hops Profile

Cascade Hops Profile

Cascade Hops Profile

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