Craft Beer Hop Profile: Galaxy Hops

Craft Beer Hop Profile: Galaxy Hops

Galaxy HopsCraft Beer Hop Profile – Galaxy Hops

The Galaxy hop has become a favourite flavour of the BC Craft Beer connoisseur. O riginating from Australia the Galaxy Hop exhibits strong citrus and passion fruit tones when used later in the brew. Typically the flavours tend to mellow as the beer matures so to get the biggest flavour out of Galaxy Hops in a beer it is best to consume as close to brewing as possible. This is not to say that the beer will go bad but rather the distinct fruit flavours will blend and mellow over time.

The Galaxy Hop was first bred in 1994 by Hops Products Australia. Shortly after coming to market global demand kicked in and this became a hit worldwide. Best known from brewing IPAs and Pale Ales the strong flavours of passion fruit and citrus make for a beer with great depth of flavour and a refreshing palate.

British Columbia brewers have too found a love for brewing with Galaxy hops but availability has been an issue. As the number of breweries increases in the province more and more Galaxy hops are being imported but the demand is also increasing exponentially. This is a top varietal that offers the flavours which BC craft beer drinkers love. If you see the Galaxy name plastered on a bottle be sure to give it a try – you will undoubtedly love it!

Have you tasted or brewed with Galaxy hops? Tell us about your impressions in the comments below!

Hop Specs Alpha Acid: 13.0-15.0%
Beta Acid 5.8-6.0%
BC Brewed Beers:
Dead Frog Brewing Co – Rocketman Interstellar ESB
Bomber Brewing Co – Absolute Horizon CDA
Deep Cove Brewing Co – Star Struck Rye IPA
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Galaxy HopsGalaxy HopsGalaxy Hops


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