Craft Beer Hop Profile: Ella Hops

Craft Beer Hop Profile: Ella Hops

Hop Profile - Ella HopsHop Profile – Ella Hops

The Ella Hop is a newcomer to the BC craft beer scene but has been fueling the flavour of Australian beer for some time now. If you are familiar with Australian beer but Ella is not a familiar name you may still know it by its former name ‘Stella’. The Ella is an Australian based hop variety which BC breweries are just now starting to experiment with.

Born in Australia in 2001 as a close relative to the popular Galaxy hop variety this hop is on the floral and spicy end of the spectrum making for beers with floral and star anise tones coming through strong. If used to dry hop a beer following the fermentation process the Ella hop can also infuse a defined grapefruit flavour to the beer. Most often used in Lagers and Pilsners keep an eye out for this hop to be called out on more bc brewed beers in the coming months. More importantly, be sure to try any beer that is able to boast the Ella Hop in its recipe as you are in for a treat.

Have you tasted or brewed with Ella hops? Tell us about your impressions in the comments below!

Hop Specs Alpha Acid: 14.0-16.0%
Beta Acid 4.0-4.5%
BC Brewed Beers:
Cannery Brewing – Skaha Summer Ale
Super 8-Bit IPA 2014 – Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks
Old Yale Brewing – Devilfish IPA 
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Hop Profile - Ella HopsHop Profile - Ella Hops
Hop Profile - Ella Hops
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