Whistler Brewing Launches the Big Sky Uncommon Lager

Whislter Brewing Big Sky Lager Release

Whistler Brewing Big Sky Lager ReleaseWhistler Brewing Launches the Big Sky Uncommon Lager

Whistler Brewing Company knows something about beer. With some of the most unique flavours BC brewery’s have to offer it is always exciting to see something new being released. Next up out of the tanks for Whistler is the Big Sky Uncommon Lager. At 5% alcohol and a hop-forward body this is a BC inspired lager and if it lives up to the reputation of the brewery and name it will be anything but common. Whistler’s unique style and flavour inspiration will surely make this a delicious and distinctive BC Brew. Watch for this beer to be arriving at your favourite craft beer retailer in 650ml bomber bottles any day now!

Back in the 1890s, before refrigeration and modern brewing techniques, lagers were hot fermented in the warm western climate – much like an ale is today. What was common then is uncommon today. Whistler Big Sky Uncommon Lager brings back the hot fermentation tradition, creating a highly complex and unique craft lager. Full bodied, bold in character, with a decisively hop-forward, clean finish. Like mountain skies after a summer storm, there’s nothing quite like it.

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