Rocket Man Interstellar ESB is Released from Dead Frog Brewery

Dead Frog Rocket Man Interstellar ESBDead Frog Brewery is pleased to announce the release of Rocket Man Interstellar ESB, our first beer designed by head brewer, Nick Fengler. From the hops cosmos, we selected Apollo, Centennial, and Galaxy to create a stellar ESB that begins with a blast of citrus and tropical fruit aroma. A pronounced malt sweetness is nicely balanced by a restrained 40 IBU bitterness. Imported Maris Otter floor malt provides the classic smoothness of fine English ales, while Cara 60 enhances Rocket Man with caramel notes, colour, and body.


Massive explosions of tropical fruit from Galaxy and Apollo hops collide with storms of Maris Otter Floor Malt to create a hop-forward brew with a surprisingly smooth finish. Our 6.5% ESB is an everyday, all-occasion beer. Huge amounts of late addition hops and dry-hopping with Centennial and Galaxy, produce a burst of tropical and citrus aroma and flavour, balanced by Maris Otter floor malts and some deep caramels from Cara 60. Its apparent sweetness is contrasted with a firm but mild bitterness.

Nick’s Inspiration

Impressed by other great Northwest Pale Ales and Cascadian ESBs, I felt that we were lacking in that style. It just so happens that beers with big juicy hops and a strong malt backbone are some of my personal favourites. There are a lot of heavy hitters brewing great versions which I have continually enjoyed. Now, hopefully, we can be included in that illustrious group when thirsty patrons are seeking an approachable, aromatic, and balanced beer.


o Ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, yeast
o Malts: Maris Otter, 2-Row, Cara 60
o Hops: Galaxy, Apollo, Centennial
o IBU: 40
o ABV: 6.5%
o Suggested serving temperature: 12-14°C
o Recommended glass: pint, mug
o Suggested food pairing: bangers and mash; fish and chips; roast chicken; Derby, Gouda, Lancashire, Leicester cheese

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