Driftwood Brewery Launches Pilsner Dohnel, Their First Ever Lager!

Driftwood Brewery Pilsner Doehnel

Driftwood Brewery Launches Pilsner Dohnel, Their First Ever Lager!

The Pilsner Doehnel is Victoria BC based Driftwood Brewery’s first ever lager style beer. Brewed as a Czech style Pilsner with some added hop this is surely a delicious addition to the already stellar lineup. Driftwood has been brewing beer longer than most breweries in British Columbia and have come up with some of the top beers available such as the Fat Tug, White Bark and Belle Royal. In all this time though the beer has been consistently brewed as Ales. No longer is this the case though as on June 9th, 2014 the Pilsner Doehnel will hit the taps and shelves in a diversification for what many would call their favourite BC based brewery. Watch out in your local liquor store as this beer will be appearing very soon!


Pilsner Doehnel
– COMING JUNE 9TH 2014 –

Driftwood’s first lager!

Brewed entirely with luscious barley grown and malted on the Saanich Peninsula by artisan Maltster Mike Doehnel, and so named in his honour.

This dry, snappy North German-style Pils was lagered for 6 weeks and hopped generously.


*Once released, this beer will be available at private liquor stores in BC while supplies last.


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