Longwood Brewery Imperial Pilsner Hits Your Local Craft Retailer’s Shelves

Longwood Brewery Imperial PilsnerNanaimo BC’s Longwood Brewery has released their Independent Pilsner. This is an Imperial Pilsner tipping the scales of tradition with a massive 70IBU and 6.5% alcohol rating. This high-hop, high-gravity Pilsner uses a combination of Saaz, Tettnager, Herstbrucker and Mt Hood hops for a flavour that has traditional Czech style flavours with the added twist that only the West Coast can provide.

Straying from tradition was the name of the game here in looking at the traditional style Pilsner but also the options available to BC craft beer drinkers. This is unique, flavourful and a welcome addition to the shelves of BC Craft Beer Retailers.


650ml – 6.5% alc/vol
This is a high-hop, high-gravity style Pilsner with Saaz, Tettnager, Herstbrucker and Mt.Hood hops for a full flavoured Pilsner and 70 IBU finish. Prepare yourself.

Longwood Brewery Bottle Lineup

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