Townsite Brewing Announces the Limited Edition 7800 Saison

Townsite Brewing Announces the Limited Edition 7800 Saison

Powell River, BC – August 26, 2013

Cedric has a new seasonal coming out September!!7800 Saison:  noun: 1. the distance as the cuckoo flies between our brewer’s hometown and Powell River; 2. a delicious Belgian style saison


Saison 7800 is a Belgian style of beer that originated in the southern farmlands of Belgium from whence Townsite’s Brewer Engineer Cedric hails.  The name itself refers to the distance between his home town of Horrues and Powell River – 7800km as the ‘coucou’ flies.

This year’s brew is also subtitled ‘Coucou gamin’ which is a traditional Belgian greeting for a new baby and loosely translated means ‘Hi little guy!’ We are very excited to let everyone know that Cedric and his wife Chloe (Townsite’s Brewery Manager) will welcome a new family member, Hugo, at the end of September!

Look for it in select private liquor stores on the Sunshine Coast, Vancouver and Vancouver Island and, of course, at the brewery store. But hurry! This is brewed in limited quantities.


OG: 13.5 PLATO
FG: 2.0
ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 28

NEXT UP: We will soon be picking the hops for this year’s Time Warp Wet-hopped Pale Ale.  Stay tuned!

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