Barkerville Brewing Co. – Promise to Sophia Valentine Ale

Barkerville Brewing Co. – Promise to Sophia Valentine Ale


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  • Type: Stout
  • Brand: Barkerville Brewing Co.
  • Pros:

    Unique Stout with anise and vanilla tones

  • Cons:

    Fairly sweet for a Stout and not typical

  • Conclusion:

    A Stout with notes of chocolate, vanilla and anise for a sweet, smooth flavour

Barkerville Brewing Promise to Sophia Valentines Ale Barkerville Brewing Co. – Promise to Sophia Valentine Ale Review

Valentines Day is not typically associated with beer but Barkerville Brewing Company is looking to change that fact. The Genuine Promise To Sophia Valentine Ale is a beer brewed with February 14th in mind. Perhaps this year instead of chocolate or jewlery a BC brewed craft beer is in order. This beer is not pink in colour as you may cheesily expect. Rather, the Valentines Ale pours a very dark, nearly black colour topped with a single finger of thick and lacing head. An aroma of licorice-anise, vanilla and a touch of chocolate makes this beer rather unique with an overall stout-like appearance. The flavour starts off with a dark and malty body with chocolate and a building anise flavour. A Vanilla-esque, creamy texture smooths out the profile and elevates the chocolate and anise flavours. This rather unique stout does not let one of the unique tones take charge but rather blends them all together into a relatively sweet, smooth and flavourful valentines day-inspired ale. Rather than a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates, this year she wants the Promise to Sophia Valentines Ale from Quesnel BC’s Barkerville Brewing Company.

Alcohol – 6.9%
IBU – 31
Size – 650ml bottle
Price – $6.50 (Craft Beer Retailer)

Barkerville Brewing Promise to Sophia Valentines Ale

Barkerville Brewing Promise to Sophia Valentines Ale

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    john lyon 13 March, 2015, 18:33

    I phoned Nolan today with a story about Promise to Sophia. I followed up with an email as discussed but had postal failure. Would you please confirm his email and I’ll resend the the story.

    Great beer !


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