Driftwood Brewery – New Growth Pale Ale

Driftwood Brewery – New Growth Pale Ale


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3.8 out of 5


  • Type: Pale Ale
  • Brand: Driftwood Brewery
  • Pros:

    Nice balance of BC and traditional Pale Ale flavours

  • Cons:

    Not an overly unique pale ale

  • Conclusion:

    A nice BC brewed Pale Ale with local ingredients.

Driftwood Brewery - New Growth Pale Ale ReviewDriftwood Brewery – New Growth Pale Ale Review


Driftwood Brewery has a new look and a new Pale Ale. Focusing on local flavour and local ingredients the New Growth Pale Ale takes local ingredients into a truly BC beer. Pouring from the new look bomber bottle this beer appears as a light, golden, slightly amber colour this pale ale is topped with a thick fingers worth of lightly packed, lacing head. From this moderate crown of head comes a mid-hopped, malty and lightly caramelized pale ale. West Coast, piney hops add a delicious, fruity tone to the profile while letting the malt come through. The flavour is crisp and a nice combination between west coast flavour and traditional english style pale ales. Not trending to far to either side both bittering and flavouring hopse add a delicious flavour while malt tones remain present through the entire profile. This is a delicious BC Pale Ale and is fantastic to see a tribute to local shine through from Driftwood Brewery.

Alcohol – 5.0%
Hops – Centennial, Newport
Size – 650ml
Price – $7.20 (Craft Retailer)


Driftwood Brewery - New Growth Pale Ale Review Driftwood Brewery - New Growth Pale Ale Review


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