Red Truck Brewing Co. – Hand Build Classic IPA

Red Truck Brewing Co. – Hand Build Classic IPA


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Red Truck IPA ReviewRed Truck Brewing Co. – Hand Build Classic IPA Review

The Red Truck Brewing Company has moved locations and started to bottle beer. One of the first beers to be released from this newly established, East Vancouver brewery is their IPA. This beer is sold in 6-packs of 355ml bottles and pour into the glass appearing a crisp, light amber colour topped with two fingers of lacing head. From the moderate head comes a citrus and piney hop bitterness with a touch of forest-like sweetness along side. The mouthfeel here is of a bigger ipa and a slight oiliness to the texture. The alcohol content is definitely apparent even though it does not come across as being boozy. The flavour has some floral notes before the pine and citrus hop bitterness kicks in. Balanced with a mild, citrus-sweetness this is a big IPA but also a very delicious one that is sure to find a place as a staple among BC IPA fanatics.

Alcohol – 6.3%
IBU – 69
Size – 355ml
Price – $13.50 6 Pack (Cold Beer and Wine)

Red Truck IPA ReviewRed Truck IPA Review

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