Driftwood Brewing Co. – Sartori Harvest Fresh Hopped IPA

Driftwood Brewing Co. – Sartori Harvest Fresh Hopped IPA


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4.6 out of 5



Driftwood Brewing Co. – Sartori Harvest Fresh Hopped IPA ReviewDriftwood Brewing Co. – Sartori Harvest IPA Review


One of the most anticipated beers of each year in BC comes down to the Sartori Harvest IPA from Driftwood Brewery. This Fresh Hopped IPA has quite the reputation and if you are reading this article – sorry but it is likely already sold out. This exclusive and limited IPA pours a rather light, golden colour topped with nearly three fingers of thick and lacing head. The aroma is dense with a sap-like pineyness and a touch of tropical fruit tones making for a fresh, tantalizing aroma. The flavour is thick with pine and a sap-like bitterness with a certain green-freshness to it. As this beer’s reputation drives it is a delicious, fresh and big IPA with a big kick of hops picked fresh from the Sartori Farm in Vancouver’s Fraser Valley. The Sartori Harvest is one of the most anticipated beers of the year and yet again, does not disappoint.

Alcohol – 7%
Size – 650ml
Price – $6.90 (Craft Retailer)

Driftwood Brewing Co. – Sartori Harvest Fresh Hopped IPA ReviewDriftwood Brewing Co. – Sartori Harvest Fresh Hopped IPA Review


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  1. mikescraftbeer
    mikescraftbeer 25 September, 2014, 20:02

    I look forward to grabbing my bottles when I get back into town. This can be such an amazing beer. I look forward to finding out for myself.

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  2. Magskall
    Magskall 27 September, 2015, 18:30

    I was late to the Sartori party. I left BC in 2008 and came back in the middle of the Autumn of 2012. 2013 was my first year to try Sartori. I was disappointed. I found Houne’s Wolf Vine to be the better offering that year, but try and convice other people of that? Last year I preferred Powell Street’s 95lbs of Wet-Hopped Goodness and Townsite’s Time Warp more than either Hoyne or Driftwood. It’s like Driftwood is the only brewery that matters to many British Columbians. Well, it ain’t.

    I do like Driftwood, but Fat Tug and Raised by Wolves are far more enjoyable and superior offerings. I like piney flavours, hell I stick pine buds and branches in my vodka because I like piney flavours. But 2015’s Sartori tastes like hops off the vine and about as abrassive. Cracking Wolf Vine tonight, so fingers crossed. Not sure what I’ll do with my second bottle of Sartori (I typically buy two of each offering) but I don’t think I’ll be drinking it.

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